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About Us

Digital Anthropology believes in a future where the consideration of the social impact on people is at the forefront of business decisions and technological advancement. Originally established as a social enterprise in response to job displacement concerns that campaigns for a fairer future for workers. As a charity we believe that we can better achieve our objectives and make a positive difference to those individuals at risk of displacement by AI, Robotics or Machine Learning

Our Manifesto

  • We believe in a future where the consideration of the social impact on people is at the heart of technological advancement and digital revolution.
  • Our aim is to engage with global technology companies and their customers. We believe they have a Corporate Social Responsibility surrounding the loss of livelihood caused by automation and encourage them to provide funding for our programmes
  • We will prepare individuals for the Future of Work which includes developing resilience, emotional intelligence, multi-portfolio working and flexibility
  • Through ongoing research, we will guide individuals towards retraining and upskilling for occupations at least risk of automation

About Displacement

‘Many of the largest employment categories in the UK have the highest potential for displacement. AI, Robotics and Machine Learning will have the greatest impact on office support roles and production jobs.

This includes low skilled and low waged customer service and sales roles, such as cashiers and clerks, shop assistants, administrative secretaries.’ McKinsey June 2020

BUT not exclusively.. because many repeatable tasks are also under threat

By 2024, half of structured, repeatable tasks will be automated and 20% of workers in knowledge-intensive tasks will have AI-infused software or other digitally connected technology as a ‘co-worker’

Richard Skellett