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Future of Work

Digital Anthropology believes in a future where the consideration of the social impact on people is at the forefront of business decisions and technological advancement. We are a social enterprise set up in response to job displacement concerns that campaigns for a fairer future for workers. We believe that:

  • Mass, ill-conceived use of robotics and automation by big businesses is a huge threat to jobs and the economy, and that AI should be used to supplement, rather than replace a human workforce
  • Zero-hour contracts are fundamentally wrong, provide no job security and should be banned
  • Workers need to adapt to new models to thrive in this ‘second digital revolution’, such as multi-portfolio working across different projects and businesses

We are taking steps towards planning the right way to implement the new digital revolution and equipping the workforce, businesses and government to deal with it, in order to achieve the best outcomes for our future workers and communities.

Businesses must be aware of the potential impact of wholesale automation on their own industries and the economy at large. They must also consider their responsibility towards society and fostering the next generation of innovators and leaders.

We will work to ensure people from all parts of society understand their value and have the right knowledge and skills to adapt to the changing workplace. You can learn more about our campaign by reading our manifesto.

Richard Skellett