Digital Anthropology believes in a future where the consideration of the social impact on people is at the heart of technological advancement and digital revolution.

We believe that it is morally wrong to see technology displace people without understanding the future social impact and that technology companies and their corporate customers are not paying attention to the loss of livelihood to all levels of employees when digital is displacing their workforce.

Digital Anthropology believes in a future where global corporate culture is built on shared vision and values with consistent behaviours, cultures where people are put first.

We see an emergence of soulless, cultureless digital giants. When people were needed to augment technology, a culture was required, but now with digital displacement it operates without a culture and a soul.

Are we seeing the emergence or confirmation of pre-meditated addiction by countries, corporates and digital giants collaborating not for the benefit of the people?

The advance of digital technology and artificial intelligence has already impacted local communities around the world, and globalisation is accelerating this process.

We see an ever-increasing tax burden and question how future obligations will be met with a reduced workforce and digital giants not paying their way.

Whilst we applaud technological advances and their potential to benefit society, and fully understand the competitive landscape in which companies operate, we consider it vital to ensure the needs of people are properly prioritised as competitive, technology-based strategies are conceived and implemented.

Digital Anthropology’s aim is to do its utmost to ensure this happens on a global and local basis by engaging with global technology companies, their customers, and their key influencers.