Social Enterprise for the Private Sector

With many companies turned upside down almost overnight due to the impact of Covid-19, the uncertainty both in the short term and beyond has the potential to wreak havoc on even the most secure and successful businesses.

Our solution-based framework enables a social enterprise such as Digital Anthropology to work hand-in-hand with earning-per-share companies, allowing them to reduce fixed costs, while keeping those at risk of redundancy in work. This enables businesses to break out of their current financial cost model, satisfy shareholders and do social great.

Our proven model enables a business to have its costs as a direct percentage of revenue; Put simply, the framework allows them to move costs out without affecting performance or capability, enabling them to operate with staff and services as a percentage of revenue and not as a fixed cost. Doing this enables them to function in an agile way and be in a position to withstand any future financial downturn.

Check out the cost model opposite for a more detailed explanation.

With no shareholders of our own, Digital Anthropology as a social enterprise are wholly focussed on reinvesting all of our profits to support local communities and the people within them. Businesses working with Digital Anthropology can be sure that not only are they benefitting from a financial perspective, but they are also doing ‘social great’ and making a commitment to people.

Digital Anthropology cost model
Fig 1 – The current traditional operating model has a high fixed cost base that cannot respond to a downturn in sales revenue and has been seriously impacted by Covid19
Digital Anthropology university cost model
Fig 2 – The base of the model is your talent pool and how Digital Anthropology are able to share this vertically and horizontally.

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